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Aaron Finch suggests a significant change to the ODI format, saying, “I think the game’s gone too long.”

<p>Since the rapid T20I format emerged, the ODI format has begun to lose its allure. Former Australia captain Aaron Finch has proposed a significant overhaul to the format. Despite a fantastic World Cup event in India last year, the ODI format has fallen behind in recent years.</p>
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<p>The 50-over format’s length has backfired since spectators now prefer Twenty20 Internationals, while Test cricket’s popularity has returned thanks in part to the World Test Championship.</p>
<p>Captain Finch of Australia, who won the T20 World Cup, has argued that the current 50 over format is too sluggish and that a 40 overs per side contest, like to England’s NatWest Pro40 League, would be a better option.</p>
<p>“I believe it runs to 40 overs. It would be great to see it in England. The Pro-40 was a really popular tournament back then. I feel that the game has gone on for much too long. It is unacceptable that the teams are bowling their 50 overs at a pace of just 11 or 12 overs per hour. Finch told ESPNcricinfo, “People will argue that maybe it’s just a glorified T20 game, but it’s all about the crowds.”</p>
<p>The format of the inaugural ODI World Cup, which took place in 1975, was changed to 50 overs each side in 1987 after it was originally played as 60 overs per side.</p>
<p>The legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar had proposed a similar idea a few years ago, dividing the 40 overs per side match into two innings for each team (20 overs in each inning).</p>
<p>Former Australian cricket player Calum Ferguson believes that the top teams should still play 50-over-a-side matches, but lower-tier teams may try playing 40-over-a-side.</p>
<p>“I’m not sure whether I agree with that for every series. The 50-over game is thrilling, in my opinion, especially when the major boys are competing against one other. However, when it becomes very one-sided, as in the case of the West Indies, who are attempting to qualify for the World Cup again, they are completely out of control.</p>