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Actor Munawar Faruqui breaks down in tears as he embraces Karan Kundra, describing his relationship trauma

<p>Bigg Boss 15, the popular program starring Salman Khan, is nearing the conclusion of its most recent season. Fans are eagerly awaiting Salman to reveal the show’s winner as the season finale episode airs this weekend. But before the show’s conclusion, contestant Munawar Faruqui will get guidance and assistance from Karan Kumar about his post-show life.</p>
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<p>Munawar hugged Karan tightly as he came inside and started crying. As he gave Munawar a hug, Karan was also seen sobbing and dabbing at his tears. Next, Munawar remarked, “Yeh kya ho gaya?” Saying, “Ho gaya na? Hello, are you a maafi maang li? Bas. Toh relationship ka koi trauma hai, toh jis tarah se uski life rahi hai uski wajah se voh kisi bhi relationship ko end nahi kar paata hai, mujhe kya lagta hai na ki Munawar. He doesn’t carry it through.</p>
<p>“Ek baat bataun?,” continued Karan. Not everyone will be a fan of yours. Not everyone will find you offensive. To put it simply, baithna nahi abhi muh latkaake. “I don’t want him to please everybody,” Karan went on. Be not misled. Be not meek. Strong men make errors, but they also learn from them and move on. Isn’t it the case with Duniya? You had an amazing trip. “Sab kiya hai, sabki respect ki hai.”</p>
<p>Karan has often shown his support for Munawar on social media. Earlier in the episode, Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan got into a heated argument. Ayesha said that before to joining Bigg Boss 17, Munawar had proposed marriage to another girl. Ayesha had already claimed that while Munawar was dating Nazila Sitaishi, he had asked her to marry him. In the middle of this dispute, Karan offered Munawar his backing. He added, “Rokenge.. tujhe rukna nai hai.. todhenge.. tujhe tootna nai hai.. bass chalte rehna hai.. hum khade hain tere saath aur koi chaiye bhi nai hain.. @munawar0018.”</p>
<p>The last episode of Bigg Boss 17 will premiere tomorrow, January 27. Seeing if Munawar wins the prized trophy and brings it home would be intriguing.</p>