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All the information on Google’s Gemini AI coming to Android and iPhone phones

<p>The more sophisticated Gemini AI from Google is now available on iOS and Android smartphones. Google has taken the step to expand the use of sophisticated conversational AI technology on smartphones among the general public. In addition, this person is now known as the Bard due to a name change.</p>
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<p>Formerly known as Bard, Gemini debuted on Pixel phones at the end of the previous year with the ability to translate languages, compose various types of creative content, and assist with question answering.Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “These most recent updates demonstrate how we’re approaching innovation boldly, as well as advancing and deploying this technology responsibly.”<br />
How mobile devices will use it<br />
New features are available for both iPhone and Android users with the mobile release of Gemini. Gemini is available to iPhone users via the Google app, allowing speech and image-based interactions for question-answering and creating postings for social networking. Thanks to Gemini’s integration with the Google app on all Android phones running Android 13 or later, users of Android—who were previously restricted to Pixel devices—now have wider access.<br />
On-device features are also included with Gemini for Android users. Gemini Nano, which runs entirely on the smartphone and is powered by Google’s Tensor G3 processor, offers better privacy, quicker reaction times, and even offline functioning for certain activities. As to Google’s blog post, “You can create a custom image for your dinner party invitation, ask for help writing a difficult text message, or take a picture of your flat tire and ask for instructions.”<br />
According to Google, Gemini is now accessible in English on Android and iOS phones in the US and will be fully functional in the next weeks. Google said, “You’ll be able to access it in more locations starting next week in English, as well as in Japanese and Korean, with more countries and languages coming soon.”</p>