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Anuj Kapadia’s comparison of Anu and Aadhya has angered fans of Anupamaa

<p>With its most recent episode, Anupamaa has managed to hold the interest of its viewers once more. Anuj Kapadia (played by Gaurav Khanna) and Anupamaa (played by Rupali Ganguly) reluctantly get back together in this episode after a year apart. Still suffering from sadness, Anuj tells Anupamaa he loves her. He asks her where she has been all these years, and he even makes analogies between Anupamaa and Aadhya. Choti Anu, also known as Aadhya, is similar to Anupamaa, according to Anuj. Fans are outraged, however, because of Anuj’s passionate reaction, which included yelling at Anupamaa.</p>
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<p>The most recent episode of X (formerly known as Twitter) has generated a lot of conversation. Several viewers were appalled by Anuj Kapadia’s hostile actions with Anupamaa, especially in light of her tragic previous marriage to Vanraj. Fans also expressed their displeasure at the similarity between Anuj and Aadhya. Many emphasized how Aadhya’s character is similar to that of her real mother, Maya, and how Anu is not like Anupamaa in that Anu does not display manipulative or dishonest tendencies.</p>
<p>“Choti/Adhya is NOTHING like Anupamaa,” a user said. Anu doesn’t fabricate, con, scheme, or plan. She can’t be unkind or unjust! The 12-year-old is not Anu’s parchayi; rather, she is the product of Maaya’s DNA, Anuj’s parvarish, and Shru’s indulgence.</p>
<p>An other user said, “Mini Maaya is not the same as Anupama.” She is an exact replica of her mother. Anu is millions of miles away from her, and she will never be the same; she is just a parchhai of her biological mother and crap.</p>
<p>Some expressed empathy for Anuj’s suffering and held Anupamaa accountable for his state of affairs. One remark said, “Aap mere luggage ke bojh ke neeche dab rahe the: No, Anupamaa, Anuj grasped your hand to lift you up when you were buried in the bojh.Rather, you pulled him into that abyss! And the idiot remained there wearing the attire of one who backs you!”</p>
<p>“All this poor guy wanted to know was why she had abandoned them. Her response: they were unhappy because of her baggage. Baggage is more significant than Anuj and CA, another person said.</p>
<p>Anuj made a big move during this passionate talk when he revealed his love for his ex-wife. Even though Anuj was engaged to Shruti, he was candid about his affections for Anupamaa. But the teaser for the next episode suggests that Shruti could find out soon enough. Anuj Kapadia departs for a meeting on Shruti’s birthday, but instead he encounters Anupamaa.</p>