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Ashutosh Sharma, From Ball Boy To Punjab Kings Dressing Room: Prepared To Light Up IPL 2024

<p><strong>Mohali:</strong> Following a Punjab Kings batting practise in Mumbai, Ashutosh Sharma, the new player, was eagerly waiting for former Indian cricketer Sanjay Bangar to appear while holding his phone in his hand. Bangar, the team’s head of cricket development, was overjoyed when Ashutosh shared a photo of himself with the 12-year-old. Ashutosh was a young ball boy and Bangar was a member of the now-closed Kochi franchise at the time the photo was shot.</p>
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<p>The 25-year-old cricketer was selected by the Punjab franchise for Rs 20 Lakhs for the next Indian Premier League, giving him the opportunity to practice under one of his heroes more than ten years later.</p>
<p>“I recall our encounter, Bangar Sir. I approached him for advice on my batting posture when I was between the ages of ten and eleven. I’m here at Punjab Kings, where my desire has come true, and I’ll be coached by him,” Ashutosh said.</p>
<p>Ashutosh, a native of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, started playing cricket at an early age. He traveled to Indore when he was 8 years old to train at the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association’s residential academy since there weren’t many possibilities in his village.</p>
<p>“I had insufficient money when I moved out of my house. I used to attend a camp, and in order to pay for lunch, I began officiating games. We weren’t wealthy, so it was challenging for me to do things on my own at such a young age. However, I never allowed my problems to influence my family since I didn’t want them to worry,” he recounted.</p>
<p>Ashutosh considered punishing himself by performing all of his home duties by himself during a difficult batting phase while playing U19 cricket. He reasoned that this would instill discipline and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices he had made to get to this level. “I scored a hundred after doing this for a month,” he remembered.<br />
Ashutosh became the resident chef among his pals thanks to his alone time, and cooking ended up becoming one of his favorite pastimes. Rice and paneer curry would be my hallmark dish. In addition, I brew delicious ginger tea,” he stated.</p>
<p>Naman Ojha, a local Ratlam cricketer, and Suryakumar Yadav were two of Ashutosh’s boyhood heroes. In 2019, Ashutosh moved to Railways after three years away from the sport since he did not get chances in Madhya Pradesh, despite a run of strong results.</p>
<p>The right-handed batsman made headlines in the cricket world last year when he broke Yuvraj Singh’s record for the quickest half century in the shortest format with an 11-ball fifty during a Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy match against Arunachal Pradesh.</p>
<p>“Being selected for the Punjab Kings was one of the most memorable moments of my career,” the player said. Recalling the day of the auctions, Ashutosh spoke of the anxious atmosphere within his home. I couldn’t stay in one spot and missed lunch entirely, even though I knew I would be chosen,” he stated.</p>
<p>After a lengthy wait, Ashutosh turned off the television and the jubilation started when he was finally selected by the Punjab Kings in the acceleration round. I spent till five in the morning with my pals. My phone rang and rang and ultimately went dead. Our family and relatives brought snacks and candies. The town’s residents celebrated the selection of a local player by hanging posters around. There was a wonderful vibe. He remembered, “I told my coach that the hard work had paid off over the phone.”</p>
<p>Ashutosh is now ready to play in the next IPL season and has written a goal statement. He said, “I want to express myself.” “I’ve put forth a lot of effort to get here. I’m going to put in much more effort now to assist Punjab Kings win their first title.</p>