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Before entering Bigg Boss 17, Munawar Faruqui sent a “rishta” to another girl: Ayesha’s startling claim

<p><strong>Bigg Boss 17:</strong> Munawar Faruqui has angered Ayesha Khan by manipulating her emotions. Ayesha said that, before to joining Bigg Boss 17, he had proposed marriage to “another girl,” the day after Munawar nominated her. Ayesha had previously said that during his relationship with Nazila Sitaishi, Munawar had told her, “I love you.”</p>
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<p>Before departing the program, Ayesha now makes a threat in a new trailer to reveal Munawar. “Ek ladki ko rishta bhej kar aaya tha— And ek ladki ko… Aur ab yahan pe usage kar rahe hu for personal purposes. I’ll expose him completely. After then, Munawar can be seen pleading with Bigg Boss to avoid Ayesha from getting too close to him on the television.</p>
<p>You’re lying, and I’ll talk to you about it. Ayesha cries at Munawar, “You know what you have done to me and if I’m not speaking about it then shut up,” and Munawar leaves the room. It’s getting to be too much. It is so intimate. It is really confidential. Later on, Bigg Boss gets a distressed Munawar saying, “I really need to talk.”</p>
<p>The dynamics of the game have completely changed since Ayesha Khan, the rumored girlfriend of Munawar Faruqui, came into the Bigg Boss 17 house. Ayesha and Munawar were seen talking about getting married a few weeks ago. Munawar also inquired about the possibility of a future with them.</p>
<p>“Is there a future between us, and if we resolve our issues, will your family accept me?” Munawar said to Ayesha. Munawar said he would love to if he could, in response to Ayesha’s question about if he honestly wanted to improve things.</p>
<p>Ayesha had accused Munawar of being “double-dating” her and leveled some severe charges against him. Ayesha said that Munawar contacted her on social media before to Bigg Boss 17 offering to include her in a music video. However, “the video never happened and when the second time I met him, he was like ‘I love you’.”</p>
<p>She said that when Munawar joined Bigg Boss 17, she learned that he was “double-dating” her. She said, “I discovered that he was dating me while being in a relationship with her after seeing a story about him and his girlfriend (Nazila Sitaishi) on the latter’s account.”</p>