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Betamint introduces a payments solution for the building sector

<p>In order to better handle financial transactions in the construction industry, labor management solutions provider Bettamint said on Wednesday that it has introduced a payments solution called “Bettapay.”</p>
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<p>According to a release from Bettamint, Bettapay may coordinate payments with certain project characteristics like debit notes, employee attendance for salary payments, and even awards and incentives for doing time-sensitive tasks.</p>
<p>According to the firm, the payment solution will assist developers and contractors in greatly reducing the administrative load related to field payment recording, invoicing, and authentication.</p>
<p>According to the statement, Bettapay’s introduction is in line with a recent government mandate that requires firms to make sure all employee salary payments are handled online.</p>
<p>The platform offers a single data repository for improved project monitoring and transparency, which benefits financing institutions and regulatory agencies like RERA in addition to making compliance with this regulation easier.</p>
<p>Our platform’s integration with precise payment triggers guarantees that construction businesses only pay for what is owed.</p>
<p>Bettapay elevates field operations to a new standard of accuracy and responsibility.</p>
<p>Additionally, it increases a project’s appeal to financiers, according to Kezya D. Braganza, CEO of Bettamint.</p>