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HORRIBLE! Karan Wahi Was “Abused” and Faced with Threats in Mumbai: “He pursued me until…”

<p>On Tuesday, actor Karan Wahi shared a startling occurrence on his Instagram stories. The actor said that he was recently harassed on the streets of Mumbai by an unknown person. Karan said that until he made the decision to halt at a police station, the guy had mistreated, intimidated, and stalked him.</p>
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<p>“To cut a lengthy tale short. I saw a vehicle ahead of me, so I made a right turn on the road. This person insulted me, saying things like “CUT kaise mara,” and he began to scream about how TV celebrities are so much better than ordinary people. Karan Wahi wrote.</p>
<p>“I grabbed the key to his scooter, returned it, and walked away. He continued to pursue me until I stopped at a police station. The actor from Half Love Half Arranged continued, “Abusing me and telling me that he has a connection with the police and he will make sure that I pay.”</p>
<p>Later, Karan said he had “spoken” with the police officers and hoped that the matter would be addressed quickly in a different Instagram story. “I’m secure. I’m at home now. spoke with the police. I’m hoping this can be worked out,” he wrote.</p>
<p>Renowned actor Karan Wahi rose to prominence after his roles in Dill Mill Gayye and Remix. Half Love Half Arranged, a web series, is another recent appearance for him.</p>
<p>Karan was previously questioned about if the reason more actors are moving to OTT content is because television scripts no longer provide anything worthwhile in an interview with News18 Showsha. The actor responded by stating that the idea that TV programs are retrograde is a preconceived one. He continued by saying that television is growing rather than dying with the introduction of OTT services.</p>
<p>The idea that television is retrograde already exists in our minds. However, I believe that television is here to stay and will never go away. Due to the fact that these tales are seen by a large audience, everyone now benefits from the fact that television programs are also available on OTT platforms. He informed us that in the same way that over-the-top (OTT) video streaming has helped movies become available to a wider audience, it is also making a lot of television material available for streaming to non-TV viewers.</p>