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“I am still young and fit,” Shaheen Afridi said in response to criticism of the slowdown

<p>From the moment Shaheen Afridi made his injury comeback last year, buzz has revolved around his speed. Furthermore, the issue was brought up once again during Pakistan’s Test tour of Australia in December and January, when the speedometer was said to have recorded his pace at between 130 and 135 kph. Pakistan’s T20I captain, however, has refuted all of the allegations, claiming that he is still capable of frequently bowling deliveries at 140–145 kph. He also maintains that in T20 cricket, it is not possible to bowl every ball at the stated pace.</p>
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<p>In the current season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), he is leading Lahore Qalandars. The squad has lost its first two games in as many games. Disregarding the team’s results under his leadership, Shaheen said that he is still extremely youthful and fit when questioned about his slowing speed. “You have to make every move at the appropriate moment, even if I know I can still bowl 140 or 145. No bowler in Twenty20 cricket bowls more than 140 as an average ball. You simply need to deliver three or four balls at an accelerated tempo in Twenty20 cricket.</p>
<p>“There are several slower balls, variants, and similar objects. My speed has never seemed slower to me. I can definitely bowl 140 or 145. At only 23, I’m still in good shape,” Shaheen told ESPNCricinfo. This year’s PSL has also been impacted by the large number of foreign players that withdrew from the competition after competing in T20 competitions such as the SA20 and ILT20. However, Afridi believes that local players should be respected and should be recognized. “I fail to see this criticism. Large players’ absence is said to have an impact on the league. However, observe our local players. They are the most well-known players in those leagues when they go to an international league.</p>
<p>“The lads were the most valuable whenever they traveled overseas for a league. The importance of our league will only increase if we treat the local players in it with respect and worth. The left-arm fast bowler said, “Players from other countries may have their own reasons for not attending, but local players have enormous worth and deserve respect.</p>