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In the second Test, Shubman Gill should begin with Rohit Sharma at No. 3: Sarandeep Singh supports the demand by Wasim Jaffer

<p>Sarandeep Singh, a former selector, supported Wasim Jaffer’s suggestion that Rohit Sharma should bat at No. 3 against England and Shubman Gill should start the batting in the Vizag Test.</p>
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<p>In Test cricket, Gill has been going through a difficult time. In his 11 following Test innings, the 25-year-old has failed to reach the half-century mark since his last century against Australia in Ahmedabad in March of last year. Since then, he has only ever received a score of 36.</p>
<p>Even though he’s off to a good start in ODIs, his move to the No. 3 place in Tests hasn’t paid off, as he hasn’t scored fifty or more since taking the position. Critics have cited his overly aggressive attitude and skill faults as the reasons for his failure in the game’s longest format.</p>
<p>According to Kevin Pietersen, Gill has to start rotating the strike more when he bats.</p>
<p>Gill played a hesitant knock in the first innings of the first Test match against England, adding to his problems. In the second one, a duck appeared after this.</p>
<p>Following Gill’s defeat in the first Test, Jaffer wrote on X that he thought Gill should start with Yashasvi Jaiswal and that Rohit may slip to No. 3.</p>
<p>In my view, Rohit should bat at number three in the second test, and Gill and Jaiswal should start. Shubman would be better off opening the inn than waiting to bat for his turn. Jaffer wrote on X, “Rohit bats at no. 3 shouldn’t worry him too much because he plays spin really well.”</p>
<p>Echoing Jaffer’s request, Sarandeep now told PTI that he would want to see the young person open alongside Jaiswal.</p>
<p>Gill may slip down, Rohit is not a No. 3 player: Singh Sarandeep<br />
According to the previous selector, Gill should be opening the batting and is not a player fit for the No. 3 position. One of the team’s top spinners, Rohit may step down to accommodate Gill at the top, according to Sarandeep.</p>
<p>“Gill is not a player ranked third.” He ought to start. One of the strongest spinners, Rohit might slide down to make room for Gill at the top, Sarandeep said.</p>