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India Votes For Vegan It is a clear majority as nearly 60% Indians want to try vegan.

In this season of elections, India is voting for a vegan diet. A recent national survey on the mood of the nation reports that, Indians are overwhelmingly in favour of eating plant-based. The results come in the run up to the annual Veganuary campaign (Vegan-January), where people try vegan for a month, for various reasons including health, the environment and to save animals. 


The survey has been carried out by market research firm YouGov’s India panel drawing responses from 2033 participants (across India). 59 percent of the respondents expressed a strong likelihood of considering a vegan diet in the near future, clearly demonstrating that India’s majority has voted for Vegan.


As Veganuary, the global charity which has inspired millions to try vegan, launches its main campaign, the survey points to a busy January 2024 as a record-breaking number of people are poised to participate.  


Furthermore, 74 percent of respondents believe that a vegan diet is good for overall health, 73 percent feel it helps stop animal exploitation, 72 percent believe it is good for the environment, and 62 percent feel it is an easy lifestyle to maintain. 


Busting popular myths that a vegan diet is difficult to sustain, 61 percent of respondents think a vegan diet has enough food choices to explore, and 55 percent say it does not compromise on taste. 


The survey further brought to the fore interesting insights into the changing dietary patterns of the Indian population revealing a significant inclination towards a vegan lifestyle. 


Sharing his thoughts on the survey Mr. Prashanth Vishwanath, Country Director, Veganuary India, said, “The reasons for a vegan diet being popular among Indian youth are interesting. While 6 out of 10 people attribute it to increased health consciousness, specific reasons such as achieving an ideal bodyweight are more among flexitarians. This shows that a vegan diet is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, motivation and previous diets. The Indian public has voted for change, and helped by Veganuary’s range of free resources and guidance, they can exercise their choice to transition into a healthier plant-based lifestyle.”


Significantly, nearly 70% of respondents believe that India’s rich tradition of vegetarianism could be instrumental in propelling the success of veganism. Flexitarians emphasize the ease of integrating veganism into traditional Indian recipes as another influential factor.


Close to 60 percent people perceive improvement in gut health as one of the top health benefits provided by a vegan diet. A higher number of vegans & vegetarians also think that it helps improve mood.


Veganuary’s own participant surveys support these perceptions. Forty-nine percent of Veganuary 2023 participants surveyed reported improvements to their mood, and 47% of respondents reported improvements to their overall health.**

The findings of the YouGov survey reveal growing awareness of health, cultural heritage, and environmental considerations shaping dietary choices in the country.


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* All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov India. Total sample size was 2033 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 1st – 3rd November 2023. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Indian adults (aged 18+).


**These survey results reflect the feedback from official sign-ups. Veganuary sent the survey to 79% of the 706,965 people who signed up during the 2023 campaign. It had a response rate of 3% (16,829 respondents).