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Is Lavanya Tripathi Comfortable With the Title “Daughter-in-Law of the Mega Family”? Actress Reactions

<p>Following the media attention her lavish marriage to actor Vraun Tej garnered, Lavanaya Tripathi is currently preparing for her next series, which will be available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Miss Perfect, her second OTT effort, will be out on February 2. The actress is presently promoting her upcoming film nonstop in advance of its release. Lavanya shared details about her personal life and what it’s like to be called the big family’s daughter-in-law during one of the promotional events.</p>
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<p>“The actress is something that I have made for myself,” she stated in response to a journalist’s query about whether she liked being referred to as “actress Lavanya Tripathi” and “Mega Kodalu” (Mega daughter-in-law). Although Mega Kodalu is certainly something wonderful, I value being recognized as actor Lavanya Tripathi more. I came up with this name on my own.</p>
<p>on her decision on duties after marriage and possible constraints from her in-laws’ family, she also answered to another query. Lavanya emphasized that she began her acting career at the age of 18. She continued, saying that neither her parents nor her husband Varun ever placed limitations on her choices of movies and that they always respected her choices. Varun is also really motivating. My in-laws are always there to help. Furthermore, I believe that the personalities a person chooses to portray are entirely up to them.</p>
<p>Lavanya Tripathi also spoke about her post-marriage coworker with her husband Varun Tej. If a captivating tale were to come her way, she expressed her desire to work alongside her spouse.</p>
<p>In November of last year, Lavanya Tripathi and Telugu actor Varun Tej Konidela exchanged vows. The pair celebrated their first Sankranti together just now. The gigantic family, which included Allu Arjun and other people, along with Chiranjeevi, his wife Surekha, son Ram Charan, and his wife Upasana Konidela, came together for the joyous occasion. Notably, Miss Perfect will be Lavanya’s cinematic debut after a lengthy break following her marriage.</p>