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Isha Malviya, the former contestant from Bigg Boss 17, on the lack of support: “I Never Engaged In Flattery”

<p>Just one week before Bigg Boss 17’s eagerly awaited grand finale, the house saw a surprising double eviction. After Ayesha Khan left, Isha Malviya bid the Bigg Boss house farewell as well. Isha shared insightful information about her experience, the difficulties in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kumar, and the unexpected lack of support from her Udaariyaan co-stars in a recent interview that followed her eviction.</p>
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<p>Isha’s time in the Bigg Boss house was characterized by heated confrontations with Abhishek, which culminated in an alleged smack from him on her current partner, Samarth Jurel. Isha said, “Abhishek was the most instigative person; he crossed all limits,” in reflection on these instances. False narratives were manufactured, but we remained composed. The house was discussing it, but I handled it well, according to DNA.</p>
<p>Remarkably, Isha looked unconcerned when Abhishek received encouragement from Udaariyan co-stars like Ankit Gupta at the inciting moments. Regarding the absence of assistance from her peers, she said, “Maybe I wasn’t involved enough. I never expected support from them because I don’t do chaplusi.” I was never the flatterer. Everyone is aware of the truth, thus it doesn’t matter whether they back him.</p>
<p>Following the eviction, Isha said that she thought Ankita Lokhande should win Bigg Boss 17, casting doubt on Abhishek’s legitimacy in the process. She said, “If Abhishek wins, it’s a victory for fakeness, as he’s not real.”</p>
<p>At a house party that Vicky Jain was hosting, the Bigg Boss inmates could be seen having fun. Isha Malviya, Ayesha Khan, and Sana Raees Khan—three of the Bigg Boss housemates who were eliminated—got back together for a celebratory night outside the house.</p>
<p>Vicky Jain is seen smiling with Ayesha, Isha, Sana, and other people in a candid shot that perfectly captures their newfound friendship. The joyous mood during Vicky’s home party symbolizes the relationships that are made outside of the reality program.</p>
<p>Isha spoke about how she regretted calling Mannar a bar dancer. She admitted that everyone had a right to call her out when she lost her anger. Isha went on to say that Mannar often creates a different story in the home and plays the victim.</p>