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“It’s a Great Disgrace For Us,” Ben Stokes said of Jack Leach being left out of India’s second test

<p>England’s captain, Ben Stokes, has confirmed the unfortunate absence of Jack Leach from the forthcoming second Test against India at Visakhapatnam. The proficient left-arm spinner incurred a knee injury while fielding during England’s riveting 28-run victory over India in the series opener at Hyderabad last week.</p>
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<p>Leach, though securing only two wickets in the inaugural Test, provided valuable support to debutant Tom Hartley in the second innings, exerting pressure on the Indian batsmen.</p>
<p>Expressing his regret over Leach’s absence in the second Test, Stokes remarked, “He’s ruled out of the second Test. Unfortunately, the impact he sustained resulted in a haematoma in his leg. It’s a significant setback for us, a poignant moment for Jack, especially after an extended absence from the game due to his back,” as quoted by ESPNCricinfo.</p>
<p>Leach stands as the most seasoned specialist spinner in the England squad during the India tour, and his unavailability will be a notable blow to the visitors in Vizag.</p>
<p>Stokes provided an update on Leach’s injury, highlighting that the medical team assesses him daily. “To endure such an injury in the first game back is undoubtedly frustrating. But we evaluate it daily. The medical team has taken charge, and we hope it’s not a serious setback that keeps him out for an extended period in the series.”</p>
<p>If England opts to maintain the same lineup as the last match, Shoaib Bashir, who faced a visa delay earlier in the tour, might seize the opportunity in place of Leach in the playing XI.</p>
<p>Stokes suggested that the final decision on the playing XI has not been reached yet. “If he were to play on this tour, the advantage he possesses is, what does he have to lose?” Stokes pondered. “That’s how I will approach it if he gets the chance to play: ensuring I provide him with the best experience possible. Because you only debut once. If he does play, I will strive to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for him.”</p>
<p>The English skipper mentioned that the team management and leadership group will evaluate the wicket and conditions before announcing Leach’s replacement in the playing XI. “Myself, Baz [Brendon McCullum], and Popey [vice-captain Ollie Pope] will ponder on it. We scrutinized the wicket; I gave it a tap and a play-around to feign expertise. Bash is in the squad not merely for the experience. If we deem it fit to turn to him, we will,” he added.</p>