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“It’s Only Through Advancements If…”: Former Indian How Bazball Can “Backfire” in India, According to the Captain

<p>Recall the postponed England versus. India Test match that took place at Southampton in 2022? It was also Rahul Dravid’s first Test as head coach and Jasprit Bumrah’s first as captain of the Indian team. What’s more, it was the team’s first introduction to “Bazball.”</p>
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<p>Introduced by England coach Brendon McCullum, who concluded his career with the quickest Test century (off 54 balls) in 2016, Bazball is a modern-day red-ball cricket method.</p>
<p>India, which had an unstoppable 2-1 lead going back to the UK, was unable to match England’s quick comeback in the chase of 377, particularly after Virat Kohli’s taunts hurt Jonny Bairstow’s pride. The visitors lost by seven wickets and were forced to split the Pataudi Trophy.</p>
<p>When England’s Bazball team visits India in 2024, they will face the Indians in a five-match Test series that began on Thursday in Hyderabad.</p>
<p>This is England’s first tour of India since Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum teamed together to change Test cricket, a partnership that has seen the players win every series since it began. Their approach has paid off, but mostly on the fast-paced, spicy tunes.</p>
<p>But dealing with Indian turners will be a whole other story.</p>
<p>By the time the two-month trip comes to a close, England may either dominate the Indian conditions and wreak havoc as they did in 2012, or they may fold. Overall however, it seems to provide endless pleasure in advance of the Indian summer.</p>
<p>Anjum Chopra, the former captain of the Indian women’s team, thinks that playing Bazball, a sport where sustainability counts, is an important component. Speaking exclusively to CricketNext, Chopra said that although the idea is exciting, if England doesn’t manage it well, they risk shooting themselves in the foot.</p>
<p>Cricket is meant to be entertaining, and I find it to be so. However, when our bowlers get pounded, it doesn’t seem right, Chopra told CricketNext. “Jab apne bowler ki pitai hoti hai to achha nahi lagta.”</p>
<p>It’s a fresh approach to playing cricket. There is no damage if a team can maintain it to achieve the desired outcomes. It’s time to go forth, get out there, and discover people’s skills. Therefore, it is totally OK if this works for England and they are seeing the intended outcomes.</p>
<p>It’s not always going to work for every team, or even England at times, considering the playing circumstances. Because it just tries new things with the structure, I really dig it. After all, the method won’t change regardless of how many forms you play. Only a firm basis will allow advancements to succeed, she said.</p>
<p>The Bazball brand has divided the cricket community since its launch. Some people like how the slow-moving game has accelerated, while others think it’s a parody of the game’s most conventional structure.</p>
<p>Chopra clarified it using a women’s cricket match as an example.</p>
<p>She remembered the moment the Indian women’s team participated in their first Twenty20 International in 2006, revealing that the players realized the format differed from other formats since they had to make shots faster and with less time. However, the squad quickly adjusted to the format and realized that preparation was essential.</p>
<p>Similar to this, England has conditioned themselves to the point where they are now able to pace the longer forms with a variety of schemes at their disposal.</p>
<p>According to Chopra, “you prepare accordingly when you adapt to a format.”</p>
<p>“My coaching would have focused more on playing attacking shots rather than just focusing the drives if T20 cricket had existed during my time. Thus, that’s how modern cricket players vary from those who played in the past.</p>
<p>That’s how they’ve all learnt to play their game. All that needs to happen is time.</p>
<p>However, displaying hostility and succeeding depend heavily on the person and the team. It can only backfire from Bazball’s perspective if they are unable to maintain it. They must to have a backup plan in case things don’t work out, and they will undoubtedly have one. Because the whole performance cannot be conducted by one trick,” Chopra said.</p>
<p>A major loss for Kohli</p>
<p>The most experienced player for India won’t be available for the first two Test matches against England. Citing personal reasons, Virat Kohli withdrew from the first two matches in Hyderabad and Visag. Rajat Patidar of Madhya Pradesh has also been nominated by the board as the successor.</p>
<p>Chopra believes that the opposition would be relieved by Kohli’s absence and adds that the person taking his place is eager to show off what he can do.</p>
<p>It really is a severe blow. The fact that one of Team India’s solid cornerstones is absent for whatever reason is really excellent news for the opposition. Significant advantage for the bowlers in England as well, as his successor will not be as well as Kohli. However, it doesn’t minimize others who are waiting, since Virat undoubtedly carries a great deal of weight, Chopra said.</p>
<p>Apart from that, however, the person chosen to take over that role is also waiting in the wings. Additionally, it presents that individual with an opportunity,” she said.</p>