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January-end poll campaign of JSP chairman Pawan Kalyan

<p>Chief of the Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan will start his campaign for the State legislature at the end of January.At a meeting on Sunday, JSP Political Affairs Committee chairman Nadendla Manohar revealed the information to party cadre. He added that as part of the campaign, public meetings would be organized in all 175 Assembly seats in the State.</p>
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<p>Manohar said that the zonal committees have the responsibility of ensuring the success of the three sessions that would take place each day. Five zonal committees have been established by the JSP in preparation for the next elections. There are 191 leaders who are involved in these committees in different ways. “Pawan Kalyan’s schedule is set up so that by the end of March, every constituency will be covered,” he said.</p>
<p>He reminded the zonal committees of the new meeting norms and regulations and urged them to plan ahead and make sure everything was secure. Pawan Kalyan will engage with victims of the government’s indifference when he is there. He said that every party soldier will get the respect they deserve and that no one would be overlooked.</p>