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Marrying Francois-Henri Pinault, according to Salma Hayek, is like a “gentle breeze.”

<p>On their 15th wedding anniversary, actress Salma Hayek said that her marriage to Francois-Henri Pinault is “like a gentle breeze.”</p>
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<p>2009 saw the 57-year-old star of “House of Gucci” and the 61-year-old French billionaire exchange vows on Valentine’s Day in Paris, the most romantic city on earth.</p>
<p>In an Instagram post commemorating the milestone, she said, “After 18 years together and 15 years of marriage, you still make loving you easy, fun, deep and fresh like a gentle breeze.” She included a professional black-and-white photo of the couple. My love, happy anniversary.</p>
<p>In April 2009, the couple reaffirmed their vows in Venice, Italy.</p>
<p>According to, Hayek previously said that she rejected two of his proposals before they were married and claimed that their wedding seemed like a “intervention” by her family.</p>