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Mumbai will see the opening of industrialist Ratan Tata’s pet project, an animal hospital

<p>Ratan Tata, an industrialist, is renowned for his unwavering love of animals, particularly dogs. The billionaire has defended the rights of furry, four-legged companions and has shared pictures of dogs online.</p>
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<p>The nation’s first state-of-the-art Small Animal Hospital is set to open in the Mahalaxmi neighborhood of South Mumbai, thanks to Tata Trusts’ implementation of the octogenarian’s dream to construct an animal hospital. The veterinary hospital will be able to accommodate more than 200 patients.</p>
<p>The purpose of this 98,000 square foot, five-story Tata hospital is to build animal healthcare services. The project will soon be built on land that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has granted.</p>
<p>The new facility will prioritize specialized care delivered by internationally recognized veterinarians, skilled nurses, and technicians who take a humane approach to providing high-quality care.</p>
<p>Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Trusts, made the following statement on the impending launch: “Every pet parent values their pets since they are members of our family. I wondered why we couldn’t have a facility that could save lives and improve the lives of pets in such a vast nation with such a large pet population when I glanced around and realized how lacking in infrastructure India’s pet population was. The Small Animal Hospital strives to be one of these establishments, equipped with specialized resources to provide each creature humane treatment, affection, and care.”</p>
<p>Constructed on property given by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), the hospital is the first of its type, encompassing more than 98,000 square feet across five stories and accommodating more than 200 beds.</p>
<p>The facility’s staff of nurses, technicians, and veterinarians who have been educated to treat patients with compassion and a goal of saving lives will be available around-the-clock. The hospital is scheduled to open in March of 2024.</p>
<p>Inpatient and ICU units (including isolation units); Surgery services (soft tissue surgery, orthopedics, etc.); Pharmacy services; Diagnostics – Radiology & Imaging (MRI, X-ray, CT scan, & USG); Laboratory – Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Histo-pathology, and Anaesthesia are just a few of the facilities that will be phased in during the launch.</p>