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Pravas Bags Best Children Film Badal Rahman Award at 22nd Dhaka International Film Festival!

Mumbai: Jay Pandya and Rakesh Shah, the creative minds behind Scorewin, are bringing a fresh breeze to the world of filmmaking in Gujarat. Scorewin, owned by Jay Pandya, a talented theater and cinema actor, is on a mission to produce innovative and entertaining films for the Gujarati audience. This dynamic production house has joined forces with R.Shah Entertainment in the United States, led by Mr. Rakesh, an NRI who is passionate about creating new feature films in his native language.


The Gujarati film industry has had its ups and downs, experiencing a decline in the 2000s before seeing a revival in recent years. Government initiatives, including tax exemptions and incentives, have played a role in breathing new life into the industry. Scorewin and R.Shah Entertainment aim to contribute to this revival with their unique projects. One such project is the captivating film “Pravas,” directed by Vipul Sharma. Vipul Sharma an influential director, screenwriter and film maker in Gujarati cinema. He bags the credit of revolutionizing Gujarati Film industry and altering the profile of Gujarati cinema. Although working in the mainstream media, his films are noticed for their advanced technicality and craft. He was honored by the “Government of Gujarat”. The ‘Best Director for his first Gujarati film. “Love is Blind”, in the year 2007. He has directed 1400+ TV episodes for different TV Channels, with strong base in stage craft, he has also directed 21 plays, 32 documentaries, 7 corporate films and 60 commercial advertisements/ad films. He also bagged twice the “Best Director” award.



This heartwarming story follows the journey of a young boy named Tino from an underprivileged family in a remote village in Gujarat. The film has received acclaim and won the Best Children Film Badal Rahman Award at 22nd Dhaka Film Festival in the presence of Majid Majidi, an Very Prominent Irani Film Maker & Actress Sharmila Tagore. The Film has earned one more award at Robinson International Film Festival in Italy in 2023.


Vishal, a rising star in both Gujarati and Hindi cinema, has been making waves with his natural acting talent. Known for his roles in successful projects like “PM NARENDRA MODI” and web series like “SCOOP” on Netflix, Vishal has become a prominent figure in the industry. His diverse roles in Gujarati films like “Pappa tamne nai samjay,” “BHAGVAN  ACHAVE,” “Char fera nu chakdol,” and “My Best Friend Dadu” showcase his versatility.



Jay Pandya, the versatile actor, has made his mark in the entertainment industry, working with notable personalities and earning appreciation from Gujarati communities globally. His upcoming projects include Gujarati films like “Var Padharavo savdhan,” “Pressure,” and “Choranta.” Komal Panchal, a well-known name in the Gujarati drama, television, and cinema industries, is also part of the cast. With over 15 years of experience, she has contributed to more than 10 feature films, daily soap operas, and plays. Other stars in the film include Pranshu Shah, Nishma Soni, and Harsh Shah. The film boasts a talented crew, with Sree Kumar as the director of photography, Amit Kumar as the editor, Dhaval Soni as the art director, Fenilconic as the film score composer, and Pritam Shukla as the song composer. The story, screenplay, and dialogue are crafted by Vipul Sharma.


“Pravas” has garnered recognition at various film festivals, including being an Official Selection at the Bollywood Hollywood Film Festival Las Vegas, Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, Haryana International Film Festival, Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival, and more. The film has also received nominations at Top Indie Film Awards, Third Eye Asian Film Festival, and Asian Talent International Film Festival, among others.


Notable wins include the Hong Kong International Film Carnival, Mabig Film Festival in Germany, Manikarnika International Film Festival, Golden Lion International Film Festival (GLIFF), Indian Panorama International Film Festival, Dhaka International Film Festival, and Ahmedabad International Children Film Festival. Jay Pandya and Rakesh Shah’s Scorewin is making significant contributions to the Gujarati film industry with their creative and entertaining projects, such as the acclaimed film “Pravas.” The film’s success at various film festivals and awards highlights the talent and dedication of the cast and crew involved. As the industry experiences a revival, Scorewin’s commitment to innovative storytelling adds a valuable touch to the Gujarati Industry.