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Sonalika kick-starts 2024 with its Biggest range of 10 ‘Tiger’ advanced heavy duty tractors in 40-75 HP

New Delhi, February 9th, 2024: India’s No.1 tractor export brand Sonalika Tractors firmly believes in raising the farmer performance benchmarks with its heavy duty tractors and their powerful yet fuel efficient engines. The company is excited to have further elevated its India best in class product offering in 2024 and is thrilled to introduce India’s biggest range of 10 ‘TIGER’ advanced heavy duty tractors in 40 – 75 HP segment. Sonalika’s latest range of tractors has been ‘Designed in Europe’ with 5 new engines options which includes industry’s best and biggest engines (CRDS & HDM+), widest range of 5 different multi-speed transmissions to handle different operations and 3 different advanced & intelligent 5G hydraulics giving a choice of over 140+ auto settings. The perfect combination of heavy duty engine will deliver the most optimum performance for farmers as it also offers zero RPM drop resulting in the best-in-class fuel efficiency. Sonalika has further strengthened its position as ‘Pride of India’ and is excited to present the new range which is a ‘zero compromise’ tractor for farmers. 

The newly launched 10 new ‘Tiger’ tractors include 6 tractors with heavy duty mileage (HDM+) engines – Tiger DI 42 Power Plus, Tiger DI 745, Tiger DI 47, Tiger DI 50, Tiger DI 55 III, Tiger DI 60 Torque Plus and each of these tractors are equipped with HDM+ optimised rated RPM engines which leads to more power and torque in operating range, thereby leading to increase in fuel efficiency. Alongside, the company also launched the industry’s biggest 4 cylinder 4,712 cc engine in 4 tractors with CRDS technology – Tiger DI 55 CRDS, Tiger DI 60 CRDS, Tiger DI 65 CRDS and Tiger DI 75 CRDS. The advanced CRDS technology is environment friendly and offers 3 multi-modes – Power, Eco and Normal – to maximise farmer’s productivity. Overall, the entire new range of Sonalika Tiger tractors offer a plethora of advanced features for farmers such as 5G hydraulics in 2,000-2500kg lift capacity range and multi-speed options such as 40-speed, 24-speed, 20-speed, 15-speed and 10-speed transmissions. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the new Sonalika Tiger tractor range is customised to operate various advanced farm implements and address all varied farm and commercial application requirements.

Gracing the occasion, Dr Amrit Sagar Mittal, Vice Chairman, International Tractors Limited, said, “Farming in India is full of choices and farmers often compromise their choice of tractor at the cost of necessary features. Our new range promises Indian farmers a ‘zero compromise tractor range’ as we announce the No. 1 tractor export series in the Tiger series”.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Mr. Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited, said, “We are very excited and feel energized to launch India’s biggest range of 10 new advanced ‘Tiger’ tractors in 40-75 HP. Being well versed with the Indian farmer requirements and their regional diversity, we have incorporated all our engineering prowess to bring the best of the international technology. We have fully customised the new series with the most powerful yet fuel efficient engine & combination of optimised multi-speeds transmission supported by intelligent 5G hydraulics to suit the needs of every application type by redefining power, performance and mileage.”

Speaking during the occasion, Mr Vivek Goyal, President & Chief – Sales & Marketing, Sonalika Tractors, said, “India is a unique market with diversified demand for advanced tractors and ever rising demand for new technologies that step up farm mechanisation. Our new biggest range of Tiger tractors in 40-75 HP is designed to offer flexibility and agility to support farmers maximize their productivity from their existing farm landscape. The new tractor series also becomes the biggest 4WD tractor range in the industry. Our new state-of-the-art launch has set course for us for 2024 and we shall continue to make such revolutionary additions to our heavy duty tractor range committed towards Indian farmer’s prosperity and growth.”

About Sonalika:

The No.1 tractor exports brand, Sonalika has a global customer base of over 15 lakh farmers across 150 countries and a market leadership position in 15 countries. Sonalika has recorded highest ever 15.6% overall market share in January’24 and has become the only tractor brand in India to record sales growth and market share gain, beating industry performance (-14.8% est).

The tractors are manufactured in Sonalika’s state of the art and world’s largest fully integrated manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The plant with robotic & automated operations rolls out an advanced tractor every 2 minutes. 

The famed Heavy Duty tractors from Sonalika have the largest most powerful yet fuel efficient engine engines in the industry, that promise seamless power delivery with no rpm drop and minimal tire slippage. 

Under its Pride of India campaign, Sonalika Tractors, has introduced 10 new models in the Tiger series ranging from 40 to 75 HP.