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The US Patent Office says OpenAI is unable to register GPT as a trademark

<p>The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has denied the Sam Altman-led company’s request to register the term GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) as a trademark, dealing a blow to Microsoft-backed OpenAI.</p>
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<p>In their application to the US PTO, OpenAI said that GPT is not a “descriptive word” as the term “generative pre-trained transformer” is not instantly clear to users.</p>
<p>“The trademark examiner is not persuaded. The Internet evidence shows how widely and often the abbreviation “GPT” is used in the software business in relation to software that uses comparable artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with question and answer capabilities based on pre-trained data sets, the US PTO said in its ruling.</p>
<p>It “does not alter the fact that relevant purchasers are adapted to recognising that the term ‘GPT’ is commonly used in connection with software to identify a particular type of software that features this AI ask and answer technology” despite the possibility that consumers are unaware of the acronym’s underlying words.</p>
<p>Last year, as the usage of generative AI increased, several AI firms appended GPT to their product names.</p>
<p>But GPT gained popularity when OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, an AI model that responds to user instructions in a manner similar to that of a person.</p>
<p>The business began referring to their personalized chatbots as GPTs, and it just unveiled Sora, a text-to-video generation model.</p>