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Top Bureaucrat IAS (R) Sunil Oberoi Joins 99Notes

In an unprecedented surge with-in the Ed-tech Eco-System, 99Notes has cemented its position as the revolutionary force reshaping the contours of traditional education. Without the expenditure of a single rupee on advertisement, 99Notes has remarkably crossed the Rs.7 crore revenue milestone before even celebrating its first anniversary. This achievement alone speaks volumes about the platform’s unwavering commitment to transforming the educational landscape for UPSC aspirants across the nation.

The latest feather in its already illustrious cap is the addition of Top Bureaucrat IAS Sunil Oberoi (R), from the esteemed 1984 batch, who has joined 99Notes as an Independent Director and Academic Head. This move underscores the platform’s unparalleled dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of education.
Adding to the seismic shift in the educational landscape with the joining of IAS Sunil Oberoi to the 99Notes team, his reflections on the role and the vision for the future further amplify the significance of this collaboration. 

Mr. Oberoi shared his insights, stating, “In my short involvement with 99Notes, I find a deep commitment to the cause of civil services aspirants, and I hope to be a meaningful part of the growth journey.”



During Mock Interview sessions, his statement resonates with the core mission of 99Notes, emphasizing not just the academic rigor but also the emotional and aspirational support essential for UPSC candidates. Mr. Oberoi further elaborated on the ethos that would guide the strategic direction of 99Notes, “Most importantly, we shall keep the dreams of aspirants paramount in our scheme of things.” 

On this momentous occasion, Founder and CMD of 99Notes, Mr. Anmol Goel, expressed his exhilaration, “It’s truly remarkable that our efforts are finally being recognized. We embarked on this journey with the sole aim of changing the way aspirants prepare for various examinations. With the support of our analytics and data-oriented team, we’ve managed to tackle the fundamental challenges faced by students, thereby streamlining their path to success in examinations.”



99Notes’s philosophy revolves around providing a meticulously structured preparation strategy for UPSC aspirants, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right optional subject, which accounts for 500 out of the total 1750 marks. Through its innovative approach and mentorship programs, over 500 students have successfully cleared the preliminary rounds, with a significant number reaching the interview stage. It shows that as an IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi, India, 99notes has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

The ambitious vision of Goel does not stop here. He added, “I am really hopeful that we will be able to secure at least 20 of our students in the top 100 ranks for the UPSC CSE batch of 2023.” This statement is not just a testament to the faith he has in his team and the students but also a clear indicator of the groundbreaking impact 99Notes is set to make in the upcoming years.

99Notes’s journey from a nascent startup to a behemoth in the educational sector, achieving remarkable financial success without traditional advertising, is a testament to its quality and the trust it has engendered among students. The platform has become a beacon of hope for thousands of UPSC aspirants, providing them with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to navigate the daunting journey of civil services examination with greater ease and confidence.




In the midst of a tumultuous period for the Indian ed-tech sector, characterized by the struggles of giants like BYJU’s and the challenges faced by PhysicsWallah, 99Notes emerges as a beacon of resilience and innovation. This bootstrapped company, achieving positive cash flow and remarkable revenue without resorting to traditional advertising, stands as a testament to the viability and success of a focused, quality-driven approach. As larger, heavily funded entities grapple with sustainability, 99Notes’s journey illuminates a path forward, showcasing how dedication to educational excellence and a deep understanding of aspirants’ needs can lead to significant achievements. This story not only highlights the potential for success in the face of industry giants but also serves as a compelling case study for future entrepreneurs and educators. In a landscape seemingly dominated by financial might, 99Notes’s accomplishments affirm that strategic innovation, combined with a genuine commitment to student success, can indeed create a lasting impact, offering a ray of hope in a challenging educational environment.