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Vineet Singh Hukmani’s New Patriotic Anthem ‘Born In Bharat, Born For India’ Resonates with the Heartbeat of the Nation

New Delhi [India], January 27: In a resonant tribute to the heartbeat of India, Vineet Singh Hukmani, the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter, is back with his latest release, ‘Born In Bharat, Born For India’. The patriotic-pop anthem stands as a celebration of the unyielding spirit and dedication of the everyday Indian.

In this second Hindi language offering, Vineet turns his focus to the often-overlooked heroes of the nation – the farmers, armed forces, athletes, professionals, teachers, doctors, scientists, and techies. With dynamic vocals and an energetic baseline, the song captures the essence of the new-age Indian, embodying a rejuvenated sense of identity and purpose.

As the ‘Bharat/India’ sentiment surges in the nation, Vineet’s song gains even more relevance, coinciding with the approaching Republic Day and the heightened democratic fervor in 2024. “Bharat is our identity, India is our purpose; therefore the title – Born in Bharat, Born for India,” emphasizes Vineet.

Accompanying the anthem is a visually stunning AI-driven video, featuring life like digital Indian characters seamlessly synchronized with the spirited melody. Reflecting modern Indian fashion aesthetics, the video symbolizes the intersection of stylized modernity and timeless cultural pride.

‘Born In Bharat, Born For India’ is not just a musical master piece; it is a testament to Vineet’s commitment to honoring India’s achievements and aspirations. In his earlier release, ‘ISRO, India ka Asli Hero’, Vineet paid tribute to space scientists after the successful Chandrayaan Lunar Landing, garnering over 17 million views and praise from ISRO’s senior team members.

Vineet Singh Hukmani has been making waves in the music industry, breaking records and earning global recognition. In 2021, he set a world record with nine of his multi-genre English songs reaching the number one position in the European Top 100 radio charts. His innovative multimedia book of action thriller stories, ‘Nine’, received Grammy submission in 2022 and topped Amazon’s hot new releases chart for 11 weeks.

A true visionary, Vineet, an Electronics Engineer and Harvard Business School Alumnus, transitioned from leading corporate organizations, including serving as the former MD & CEO of 94.3 Radio One, to becoming a full-time musician. His journey exemplifies versatility and dedication, earning him the distinguished ‘Philip Kotler’ award for ‘Market differentiation’ for pioneering India’s first English Radio network.

Born In Bharat, Born For India‘ is released by GreatSong.World, a global music marketplace, in partnership with distribution by Swalay Digital, India, collectively boosting the genre of Patriotic Pop in the country.