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What Caused The Layoffs? Microsoft is under investigation after many of its gaming employees left

<p>Activision Blizzard was eventually approved for purchase by Microsoft, but in order to make the necessary adjustments, the business chose to let go of thousands of workers in the game industry. Microsoft is now being questioned regarding its decision to fire approximately 1,900 workers, which is something that antitrust authorities had expressed concern about before they approved the merger.</p>
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<p>The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has expressed concerns, believing that Microsoft is implementing significant changes to the recently acquired firm that might have a significant effect on the company’s future and result in the loss of employment for thousands of workers.</p>
<p>Along with a core team that has been working on upcoming projects for the massive gaming company, top members of the Activision Blizzard team are also greatly impacted by the decision to fire staff. According to reports, Microsoft has explained these layoffs and the necessity to reallocate resources to initiatives with more growth potential in the future with business judgments.</p>
<p>The timing of these layoffs immediately after the completion of the merger surely worries the authorities. That being said, Microsoft is hardly the only tech behemoth firing staff members lately. A number of internet businesses, including Google, Meta, Amazon, and others, have begun laying off employees recently. According to their warnings, these corporations plan to continue laying off employees until 2024 as they restructure their business strategies to include artificial intelligence.</p>
<p>The Microsoft-Activision merger may have been approved, but it seems that the FTC will be closely monitoring the combined company’s activities, and any potential red flags might cause problems for the two businesses down the road.</p>