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What is the Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour and Why it is Special

Whenever we think of the Everest region in Nepal, the trekking routes strike our mind. The Everest region provides several trekking destinations, including the world-famous Everest Base Camp trek. The route of the EBC trek takes travelers to the base of the world’s tallest mountain peak Sagarmatha/Mount Everest. Many travelers prefer a moderate level of trek due to certain health issues or having limited time. Here, one can choose the alternative Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour.

However, before you plan for your EBC helicopter trek, you must know the best time to perform this luxurious and adventurous trek. Later, you will learn the specialties of the Everest base Camp Helicopter landing tour, which inspires individuals to include in their travel bucket list. 

The Best Time to Go for EBC Trek with Helicopter Landing

Like a classic EBC trek, before you plan for a Mt. Everest Base Camp tour by Helicopter, you should get some hints about the perfect time to perform it. When you possess good knowledge, you may schedule your EBC trek journey as pleasantly as possible. Nepal context has four different seasons, which are Winter, Summer/Monsoon, Autumn, and Spring. Among the available options, Autumn and Spring are the best seasons to experience trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp by Helicopter. 

Why Autumn and Spring Seasons are the Best Times/Seasons for Trekking in Nepal

Spring season indicates a new beginning in Nepal, as the forests and hills in diverse Nepalese regions regain their lost greeneries. Likewise, Nepalese mountain regions and local areas highlight nature’s beauty at its peak in the Autumn seasons. Furthermore, both Autumn and Spring seasons have mild temperatures and calm weather with moderate climatic conditions. Each of these aspects makes Autumn and Spring the best time to trek to the Everest Base Camp by helicopter with landing.  

The best thing about EBC treks during Spring and Autumn is that the trekking routes remain surrounded by stunning vegetation of unique plants and colorful flowers. If this is not enough, you will get panoramic views of high mountain peaks to accompany you during your entire journey. 

Other than that, the bright days and clear skies give an incredible aerial view. Also, the occurrence of snow or rain is relatively low, which leads to the limited probability of delays and cancellations during the Autumn and Spring seasons.  

Specialties of the EBC Trek with a Helicopter Landing 

Now, let us have a look at the specialties of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour-

Reliable Means to Return to EBC

Helicopter return EBC trek packages are relatively faster and more reliable means to return from the base camp of Mount Everest. Here, you do not need to walk to the end destination. Instead, you will get a flight return from Gorak Shep to land in Lukla or Kathmandu. 

Works Well for Time-bound Travelers 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter landing tour packages are excellent options for time-bound travelers. These packages are available with separate itineraries to suit perfectly for one’s schedule. The trekking tour thus intends to give lots of fun and adventure in a single common package. 

Enough Acclimatization is Available 

The trekking packages related to Mt. Everest Base Camp by Helicopter cover every essential facility and service with enough acclimatization. In this way, you may save valuable time by avoiding walking or following the same trail while returning to Kathmandu or Lukla.  

Straightforward Trekking Route 

Every Everest Base Camp trek with landing in a helicopter commences in Kathmandu and ends in Kathmandu or Lukla. In other words, the entire trekking route is straightforward and works well for both group and solo trekkers/travelers.  

Teahouses Offer Food Items and Traditional Delicacies 

Finding food and accommodation facilities is easy while following your trekking trails to the Everest Base Camp. Almost every trail has comfortable to luxurious teahouses to provide a variety of food items. Even the normal teahouses offer comfortable accommodations to family members and let you enjoy traditional delicacies during your trek.  

Easy Availability of Accommodations

You will get many basic twin-sharing accommodation facilities during your complete trek. A twin-sharing room contains a table, a blanket, two beds, and a few pillows. Besides, many lodges provide you with public toilets and bathrooms. However, you may get a few costlier lodges with attached toilets and bathrooms.  


Therefore, if you are in a hurry but desperate to visit the Everest base camp, you should consider Everest Base Camp by helicopter with landing as the best option. Only, make sure to choose the Autumn or Spring season to perform your trek and check for accommodation facilities in advance.