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With “Lal Salaam,” Aishwarya Rajinikanth, her supermodel father at her side, hopes to deliver a timely message about identity

<p>With “Lal Salaam,” Aishwarya Rajinikanth is returning to directing after more than nine years away. Aishwarya discusses candidly about directing her father, superstar Rajinikanth, and the guidance he gave her when the movie was being made in an interview with CNN-News 18.</p>
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<p>“The majority of the movie is based on actual events that took place between 1990 and 1992. These episodes are the focal point of the script. The movie briefly discusses politics and how they affect people’s feelings. It explores things that cause friction between friends and their families as well as how a community moves through this stage. Cricket is significant because it essentially alters the course of the whole community, according to Aishwarya.</p>
<p>When asked about her experience directing the Superstar, she said, “From his director’s perspective, he made it very comfortable.” He entered the script after it had already been completed because of its substance. He was quite talented. This sounds very cringeworthy, therefore I shouldn’t be saying it. He didn’t want anything changed for him to become more famous. This movie follows Jailer, which was akin to a “Rajini-sm” celebration.</p>
<p>Director Nelson’s action film Jailer tells the story of a parent who learns of his son’s troubled history. Lal Salaam comes as a welcome change after Jailer, in Aishwarya’s opinion.</p>
<p>He explained to me that he should be “in the content” as opposed to having the story revolve around him. For me as a filmmaker, it was fantastic. It was wonderful to hear such a well-known musician assert that the substance comes first.</p>
<p>Seeing that Aishwarya was mentoring her father gave her a sense of pride. Being there seemed more like a proud moment for me as a daughter since directing the Superstar felt like a major accomplishment.</p>
<p>Aishwarya claims that Rajinikanth was circumspect about the film’s assertiveness, especially during this intense election season. He was a worried parent at the time, and I was acting quite boldly. He took great effort to represent things accurately. I was a touch stubborn in my desire to keep certain things the same. However, he had good reasons, and together we struck a compromise,” she said.</p>
<p>Additionally, this is Aishwarya and music composer AR Rahman’s debut collaboration. “Rahman sir is both spiritual and infantile. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from our chats. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for lending his support to the movie. And via this movie, we have personally and emotionally bonded in a way that I hope will last.</p>
<p>In the audio launch, Aishwarya Rajinikanth voiced her displeasure at her father being referred to as a “Sanghi” and emphasized that if that were the case, he would not have participated in a movie such as “Lal Salaam.”</p>
<p>In response to the frequent derogatory remarks and character assassination that occur on social media, she stated: “When expressing their opinions, people should exercise extreme social responsibility.” These days, everyone is the press. Additionally, everyone with a cell phone may express their feelings. Being human on social media is crucial, in my opinion.</p>
<p>What will she do after Lal Salaam? She ends by saying, “I guess living in the moment is something I have learned and I am living in this moment now.”</p>