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WPL2024: ‘Joy’ is brought to RCB by Asha Sobhana at the season opener vs UP Warriorz

<p>Yuzvendra Chahal is experienced in bowling in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Because of its small boundaries and high altitude, which make it easy for batters to routinely clear the rope, the leg-spinner taught many people in Indian cricket how to bowl at a ground that is thought of as a route to hell.</p>
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<p>It seems that Chahal saw the women’s squad of his last IPL club, Royal Challengers Bangalore, play UP Warriorz in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) on Saturday and was pleased with a bowler who was of a similar breed.</p>
<p>Last year, Asha Sobhana Joy participated in five games for the team and concluded with a pitiful five wicket total. Those figures may not have convinced the ordinary Joe that she had a promising future.</p>
<p>But as demonstrated by the case of former India leg-spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, who saw enough of Sobhana to believe that she was a bowler who could improve with some help and offered to tutor her for free last year, statistics may not always tell the whole story.</p>
<p>The world saw on Saturday what Sivaramakrishnan had seen the previous year, as the 33-year-old became the first Indian bowler in the WPL’s brief history to take five wickets.</p>
<p>Sobhana, who faced up against Georgia Wareham, another leg-spinner in the same XI, used cunning bowling to outshine her and help RCB start the competition on a winning note.</p>
<p>The Delhi Capitals hitters took Mumbai Indians leg-spinner Amelia Kerr for sixes on Friday after she gave the ball much more air than was necessary. Sobhana bowled from the same end as Kerr did on Friday, maintaining a length that was just sufficient to prevent the ball from being overpitched and sailing over the fence.</p>
<p>Instead, she maintained the ball on or outside off stump, changed up her speed, and encouraged the hitters to try and take a chance. It gave RCB the lead in the match and led to the wickets of Vrinda Dinesh and Tahlia McGrath in the same over.</p>
<p>The Warriorz quickly removed her from the assault, and they then gradually started to shift the tide in their favor. The score after 16 overs was 126 for 3. At that point in the pursuit, the hosts were looking at loss absent some dramatics.</p>
<p>Once again, Mandhana pulled out her trump card. In an attempt to pull RCB back into the game, Sobhana was brought in. In response, she selected three.</p>
<p>Shweta Sehrawat was the first to be dismissed; she attempted a drive but was caught by the RCB captain at cover point, who was holding onto the ball. Grace Harris heard the sharp sound of wood behind her and missed a leg break in the second incident.</p>
<p>When Kiran Navgire attempted to go for the huge heave on the leg side, Richa Ghosh stumped him, accounting for the third wicket. The return was complete. The game was almost over.</p>
<p>While Sobhana used all of her expertise to acquire the scalps, Mandhana deserves praise for bowling her from the Pavilion End, forcing the Warriorz’s middle order and right-hand heavy top to smash against turn and over the line in order to earn their boundaries and sixes.</p>
<p>“I’m thrilled to have helped the team win, especially at Chinnaswamy.” I visualized the scenario since I knew it would be something like this. I completed a ton of homework. Observing Grace moving against the turn, I reasoned that I may be bowled or get a top edge if I pulled the length back and across. After taking home the Player of the Match trophy on Saturday, Sobhana said, “I was ready to get smashed, but I was sure I would get them.”</p>
<p>The Saturday session against Warriorz demonstrated that spinners might be useful at this ground if they were given the correct end to bowl from and supported by a captain who believed they could produce results. It is also what contributed to another spinner’s ten-year, enormous success with the RCB team.</p>