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YouTuber GP Muthu honors Vijayakanth at his memorial and regrets never having met him in life

<p>At his burial, well-known YouTuber GP Muthu gave an impassioned homage to actor-politician Vijayakanth. The Tamil community was shocked to learn of his death on December 28 owing to health complications. The late leader’s corpse was laid out for public viewing on December 28. Thousands of people flocked from all around the nation to offer their condolences and express their sorrow. Vijayakanth’s corpse was subsequently cremated at the DMD headquarters located in Coimbatore, Chennai. Stars who were unable to attend the tribute are expressing their sorrow.</p>
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<p>GP Muthu paid a moving tribute at Vijayakanth’s memorial. “I had been planning for a week to pay my respects at the Vijayakanth Memorial,” he said in a statement to the media. I was unable to attend Vijayakanth’s funeral because of the excessive rain that day in our town. I thus visited the monument today to offer my respects.</p>
<p>Recalling a botched effort to see Vijayakanth in a hired automobile, Muthu expressed regret for not having the chance to see him while he was alive. He urged everyone to help the less fortunate in order to follow in Vijayakanth’s philanthropic footsteps. Speaking on the late leader’s passing, Muthu conveyed his sorrow.</p>
<p>GP Muthu expressed his feelings, expressing how much he loved Vijayakanth’s movies, bringing up Vaanath Puli and Chinna Kounter in particular. “The news of his passing has saddened me the most since the death of my mother,” he said. Even though I’m not wealthy, I have a lot of respect for those who work for charity. I really hope that Vijayakanth’s legacy endures, and I would encourage and help him in his endeavors if he were to reincarnate,” the man said.</p>
<p>Social media personality GP Muthu, who is from Tamil Nadu, India, gained popularity via his YouTube channel and has 988k followers. He made his debut in Kamal Haasan’s renowned reality program Bigg Boss Tamil 6 in 2022. Afterward, GP Muthu took part in the highly regarded comic reality program Cooku With Comali 4, which focused on cooking.</p>
<p>Among his noteworthy endeavors are Baba Black Sheep, and Cooku in collaboration with Comali, Bumper, and Thunivu. He’s going to appear in the movie Valli Mayil shortly. Under the direction of Suseenthiran, Sathyaraj, Vijay Antony, and Sunil play the main characters in the movie. Bharathiraja, Thambi Ramaiah, Aranthangi Nisha, and Manoj Bharathiraja are among the other cast members of the movie.</p>