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Karemma Khan's advice for winning Miss Teen Diva is to put in a lot of effort quietly and let your success resound loudly

The Miss Teen Diva finals just ended. For the final four titles of Miss Teen Grand India, Miss Teen World India, Miss Teen Universe India, and Miss Teen International India, there were a total of 35 finalists. Our Miss Teen World India 2023, Karemma Khan, was one of the four stunning women who were crowned that evening.

Karemma, who is from Mumbai, the city of dreams, thinks she combines inspirations from Dubai and Oman. Karemma's path to the throne was fraught with criticism and hostility from her traditional Muslim family. Her conservative upbringing, which attempted to discourage her from pursuing pageantry and acting as a vocation, presented her with the largest obstacle along the way. She did, however, succeed in breaking free of the restraints and has come thus far.

Karemma Khan discusses becoming one of the four Miss Teen Diva winners while speaking with Prateek Sur. She couldn't help but cry when questioned about her winning strategy and the significance of the victory for her.

“For me, this victory is a real dream come true. Not only my dream, but also my mother's dream and the dreams of all the helpless girls I work for via Project Shakti. This crown not only represents a chance for me, but also a duty. I've put in a tonne of effort and preparation for the pageant. I've always had my sights set on the throne. And the thing that kept me going was visualising my triumph, complete with the crown on my head. I've actually done it all, including getting up at 4 a.m. every day, working out twice, participating in pageant training, and handling my college lectures. I followed this schedule for three to four months before to the pageant. It has, in all honesty, been really difficult. However, as the saying goes, “Work tirelessly in silence and let your success make all the noise.”

Few people are aware that she also took home the titles of “Best In Personal Interview” and “Best Advocacy Video” in addition to winning Miss Teen World India.

What attributes in you make you deserving of representing India internationally? was one of the questions posed to her during the pageant's final round of question and answer.

She had the best response when she said, “Thank you for the beautiful inquiry. Ladies and gentlemen, have a wonderful evening. I think my capacity to never stop learning is the quality that most qualifies me to represent India in the adolescent pageantry. I am aware that wearing this crown carries a great deal of responsibility. Additionally, there is the possibility to continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn. Second, my capacity for optimism at all times. must constantly find the positive in any circumstance. Finally, my ability to materialise things. I fought hard for this title because I wanted it. followed the three D's: devotion, discipline, and determination. I am here in front of you all today for that reason. And I firmly feel that these characteristics make me the ideal candidate and India's representation. I really appreciate it.

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